Being awarded a client’s trust and faith is incredible, but keeping it is the ultimate goal. Our multi-phased process ensures we take the time to perfect your plan and goals, communicate through every step to ensure that surprises are kept to a minimum. We are present – every day, on site. You’ll see us and we’ll see you. That’s why we need to keep you smiling! 

Here’s how we do it.

Initial Connection and Consultation

Connection is the word here. This initial meeting is both a fact finding mission; learning about your family, your lifestyle, your wishes and dreams for your space and your life. It’s also where we size each other up, and make sure we both feel great about the potential relationship. Sound like dating? Kind of is.

Concept Programming

This process culminates in our first draft of plans ensuring that we have captured your wishes accurately and make the best suggestions based on those. Changes are easily made here and it’s an ideal time for feedback. This is also the time when we will ask for a design retainer which will allow us to move forward detailing the plans.

Detail Planning and Specifications

After the initial concept meeting, we will fine-tune the architectural plans to reflect any requested changes and ensure that all proposed design elements are feasible. We’ll also propose materials for the project and finalize the budget as well.

Adding Personality through Selections

This is where your personal tastes bring your new space to life. The selections made at this stage help to further direct the aesthetics of and the purposes of your space. With Tim’s guidance and  collaboration, clients select pieces for their outdoor space which gives them the opportunity to imbue their character. Plantings, stone, light fixtures, furniture, etc. are chosen to best accentuate the personality of your space.


This is when we implement all of the plans we have been dedicated to. This is certainly the phase when things become “real”, but rest assured we employ every efficiency in our construction processes to ensure that any disruptions to your daily life are kept to a minimum and our timeframe moves along smoothly.  Hang on- we’re almost there!

Final Walk Through, HIGH FIVES!!!!

We hope you’ll stay in touch after we introduce you to your new space, We can’t wait to hear how this space enhances the life and well-being of you, your family and certainly your slightly envious neighbors.


Think you got rid of us?  Nope!  We don’t seek work, we seek relationships and therefore we will be here, year after year to ensure that you are loving your space as much as the day of the reveal.  We also offer weekly or monthly maintenance service programs that keep all facets of your outdoor space in pristine condition.